Kachhi Community Development Association 
History of KCDA  
Rev. Shamoon Samuel transformed the idea into some educational songs that are still used by KCDA workers for community mobilization. Rev. Shamoon identified that the Kachhi people were unwilling to work together due to a lack of confidence and initiative ability. He shared this situation with John Mitchell from New Zealand and suggested the idea to buy some land for Kachhi people to get settled, have their own income and not have to be dependent on a landlord.  

In 1998, Mr. Mitchell sent some money for the Kachhi people. Although it was not enough to buy a piece of land, this seed money resulted in the beginning of the organization. The year 2000 was the planning year, where it was decided to focus on primary education as the way-out of the existing situation.  
The KCDA started its activities in 2002, having several years of experience in working with the Kachhi people with work focusing on their issues. KCDA began its work running community-based mother tongue education programmes.  
KCDA has well established systems which are controlled by different levels of management. Here are some details of its board of director who: 

The teacher’s training was organized in November, 2016. The training was conducted for grades 2, 3, 4 and 5. Ten teachers participated.

The teacher’s exposure visit was organized in 2016 and visited St. John High School, Mirpurkhas.

The annual SMC Meeting was held on 12th and 13th December, 2016.

The community Exposure Visit was held in December 2016 and visited Child Protection Unit & Labour Development Department Mirpurkhas.

The health team conducted 17 field visits in 26 villages from October to December 2016.

The SHG team visited 20 villages to get reports and conduct meetings with female SHG groups.

Two days of training was organized for SHG members on 12th and 13th December, 2016. 25 SHG members attended the training.

The advocacy department selected four couples as animators. KCDA organized the training to build their capacity as social mobilizer and were given the task to identify new Kachhi villages.

Five theatre performances were held in last quarter (October- December 2016) . The theme of the performance were “Early child marriages and Girls Education”.

On 19th October, 2016, the inauguration ceremony of the anti-corruption manual version 3 was held at SSEWA-Pak in Rattanabad Mirpurkhas.

KCDA celebrated the Universal Anti-Corruption Week (6th to 10th December 2016) with the collaboration of Anti-Corruption Establishment Department Mirpurkhas & District Govt of Mirpurkhas. The week had different activities(Awareness Raising Campaign via Radio FM Messages ,Awareness Raising Campaign via Hanging Banners in city and official buildings and Celebration with school students)

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