Kachhi Community Development Association 
Anti-Corruption Training Program:- 
Corruption remains a substantial problem for Pakistan, where it is both widespread and systemic. The purpose of this course is to raise awareness among the leadership and personnel of development organizations and other departments about the dangers of corruption, to subsequently provide practical methods for defending against and dealing with corruption’s influences and affects, but also to maintain its integrity and efficient functioning. The project helps organisations and other departments set a positive example for our community, society and country.  
The project is based on the below activities.  
1. Individual Partner’s Meeting  
2. One Day Training Session with NGOs, Govt Education Departments, clergies and  
    community members  
3. Project Orientation Meeting  
4. Translation of Anti-Corruption Manual (New Version in Urdu & Sindhi Language) 

Target Group Number of Partnering Groups Trained Participants
NGOs Staff 53 664
Church Leaders 13 Churches from Hyderabad Dioceses 
3 Groups (Muslim, Christian and Hindu)
76 Religious Leaders
Govt Education Department MPS(Officials) 35 Govt. Education Officer
50 Govt. Teacher 
32 participants Social Welfare Department,
Lobar Development Department,
Environment Department  
Sindh Police Department,  
Information Department &  
Women Development Department 
117 Govt. Officials
Community Leaders 59 Villages 223 Community Leaders
Students/Youth Group  02 165